Suliban Skeletal Structure Spoilers

By Christian
June 26, 2001 - 10:35 PM

As described in yesterday's 'Broken Bow' script review, Enterprise's main villains will be the Suliban, a race obsessed with genetic engineering. According to new information that appeared online today, the Suliban won't be able to just modify their own genetic code, but also their skeletal structure.

"Yes," Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons wrote. "The Suliban have this 'skeletal restructuring' ability. [What] what it looks like is hard to figure out (even with the text) but the abilities it gives them is cool."

The Suliban's skeletal structuring will be showcased about half a dozen times in the Enterprise pilot, as the aliens use their abilities to flatten themselves and move through openings only a few inches wide. In addition, they will be shown turning their various limbs 360 degrees, making it hard to restrain them with ordinary handcuffs.

In the pilot, the Suliban will be seen capturing an injured Klingon pilot, under the direction of their leader Silik. They have previously been described as a nomadic race, consisting of several factions.

To read the original Dark Horizons report, please follow this link.

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