News Bullets

By Michelle
May 26, 2005 - 4:40 PM

  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) spoke at the Oldham University Centre on Monday in his capacity as the Chancellor of Huddersfield University, which will manage the facility, notes the Oldham Advertiser.

  • Fans wanting to hear a preview of Stewart's voice work in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion RPG can listen to the trailer. Thanks to HappyPike.

  • reports on an event at which Scott Bakula (Archer) and his wife Chelsea Field sang the songs from I Do! I Do! to raise money for The Hamilton Academy, their daughter's school.

  • The East Texas Review has a writeup of Avery Brooks (Sisko)'s 1984 film The Odyssey of Solomon Northup, the biographical story of an African American artist.

  • Totally Kate! has a transcript of Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) on The Beat on KUOW radio near Seattle.

  • Creation has announced a partial schedule for its Las Vegas convention in August, where four captains, three first officers and numerous other Star Trek stars and guests will appear.

  • Sci Fi Pulse reports that Kim Darby (Miri) will attend her first UK event at this years Cult TV Festival, which will also feature several Doctor Who actors.

  • David Mack has announced on the TrekBBS that the new novel series Vanguard, set on a space station, will debut at the Shore Leave convention.

  • New information on the fourth season of Michael & Shawn Piller's The Dead Zone at The Futon Critic reveals that Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) will fall in love with another psychic. The series co-stars Nicole deBoer (Ezri).

  • Wigglefish has reviewed Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens' Freefall, a non-Star Trek novel by the Enterprise writers.

  • In real space news, the Voyager I space probe is about to leave the solar system, according to Its fictional companion, Voyager VI, became "V'Ger" of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  • Eden FX, which created special effects for Star Trek: Enterprise, will work on executive producer Brannon Braga's new CBS series Threshold, according to TrekWeb.

  • Croatian public network HRT will air all four seasons of Enterprise beginning on May 25th. Thanks to Miroslav.

  • "Would Gays Have Saved 'Star Trek'?" asks PlanetOut.

  • DVD Answers has menu shots from the new collector's edition of Star Trek: Insurrection due to be released on June 7th.

  • Paramount Brazil has launched a new site with information about the original series DVD release here. Thanks to Rudolf.

  • The satire Lint by Steve Aylett contains a fictitious script for a never-made Star Trek episode, "notable for its wild creativity and unfilmable special effects, [which] led Gene Roddenberry to exclaim, 'This isn't prose, it's gnats in formation!'" according to a Publishers Weekly review.

  • TrekZone is working on a fan series, Star Trek: Unity, to be broadcast in Australia.

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