Billingsley Grateful For Fan Support

By Kristine
May 26, 2004 - 8:15 PM

John Billingsley, who plays Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise, praised the fan's efforts in support of the show, saying they were "instrumental" in UPN's decision to bring the show back for a fourth season.

Posting at his official website, Billingsley thanked the fans personally for their campaign to save Enterprise. "Thank you so much, all of you," he wrote. "[Y]our efforts have been instrumental in encouraging UPN to renew us for another season. I hope we can reward your confidence in us with another great season." And what's in Phlox's future? No one knows yet, but Billingsley mused, "Maybe I'll be naked again, who knows."

Just because Enterprise is returning for a fourth season in the fall doesn't mean Billingsley will be lying around this summer. John and his wife, actress Bonita Friedericy, have started rehearsing several plays that they will perform starting in July. "Bonnie and I are back, now, however, but have begun rehearsing two one person plays which we are producing ourselves, to be performed in what we pretentiously will call 'rotating repertory' at the Zephyr Theatre, here in Los Angeles, beginning mid-July."

Billingsley will perform in a play called "Bitter Bierce," about author Ambrose Bierce, a contemporary of Mark Twain. Billingsley describes the play, written by Mac Wellman as "an hour and fifteen minute introduction to the work of Ambrose Bierce, one of America's premier social satirists and a sadly neglected literary figure from the l9th Century." Billingsley also tells his fans that rehersals are moving along: "It's just me gabbing for a long, long time and right now I'm packing in the words."

"Bitter Bierce" opens on the 16th of July, with previews the two days before it. The play will run various dates through the middle of August. Friedericy's play, "Miss Margarida's Way" premieres on July 23rd, and will also run through mid-August. Tickets will be priced at $15.

For more comments from Billingsley about his wife's summer plans and his own, please visit Billingsley's official website!

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