Disappointing Trek Ratings Reports

By Christian
May 26, 2000 - 12:03 PM

Over at the Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Information Database, Greg Fuller has posted several new Trek ratings reports. First up is the final ratings report for last week's 'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve', which turned in an abysmally bad performace:

"The Haunting of Deck 12" turned in Voyager's lowest rating of the season and second-worst rating of all time, pulling in a 3.0 rating, 5 share. That's down from last week's 3.7 performance by "Life Line" and off from last year's "Warhead," which managed a 3.3/5.

Because of this rating, the 'Voyager' May sweeps average, which until now was actually above last year's average, has also dropped below that, as you can read in the full report. The ratings for 'Unimatrix Zero' could of course still change that, but based on that episode's rather disappointing performance that isn't necessarily certain:

"Unimatrix Zero" turned in a surprisingly lackluster ratings performance last night, only tallying a 4.6 rating, 7 share in the overnight metered markets. That's the second straight year that Voyager has seen less than stellar ratings from a cliffhanger finale. Those marks are up from last week's "Haunting of Deck 12," but down from "Life Line"'s mark two weeks ago.


This rating will probably show an increase over last season's "Equinox" in the national ratings, but will most likely not turn in an outstanding national mark. However, any predictions based off of the overnights are just predictions and the show could end up with a far better or far worse rating in the end. As far as just this overnight rating goes, it's a fairly disappointing one from a heavily-hyped Borg season-ender.

According to the full report, the show did at least perform well in timeslot competition, winning a fourth place for the slot.

Finally, Greg has also put up the March-April ratings report for 'Voyager'. He notes it was a rather bittersweet period for the show, as it did increase its ratings over last year's, but at the same time experienced a significant ratings drop compared to the first half of the season:

Two of the three regular episodes that aired this period were able to improve on the series' regular marks, leading season six to an increase over season five during March and April. "Good Shepherd" was even able to defeat the comparable episode from two years ago, "Omega Directive," which earned a 3.7. The one show that was down from last year was only off by .1 as "Muse"'s 3.3 failed to equal "Someone to Watch Over Me"'s 3.4.

Although compared to the rest of the season, this period is fairly weak, it did avoid the huge drop-offs that Voyager's March and April months can often yield. Unlike the last several seasons, this year did not set any new all-time lows for Voyager and actually didn't drop off significantly from the ratings seen during February. However, as far as the rest of this season goes, every episode airing during this period with the exception of "Good Shepherd" fell below the current season average. Despite being down, these months have shown a little promise in that the huge drop Voyager has suffered from during the last few May Sweeps looks less likely.

An episode-by-episode comparison, as well as more info on the period in general, can be found in the full report.

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