Armstrong Says Enterprise Will Likely Visit Earth

By Kristine
April 26, 2004 - 10:08 PM

Though the fate of Enterprise is still uncertain, Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest) says he has been told that if there is a another season, he'll might appear in it.

In an interview at, Armstrong said he wasn't sure whether his character would be back on the show at some point. However, he did add, "I am told that, if they do another season, the Enterprise will probably be coming back to Earth."

Armstrong has been working the convention circuit for the last three years, appearing at conventions both in U.S. and overseas. "I've gone to Germany twice, Ireland once, And England once," he said. "I'm going back to England in October for the Cult TV festival. I may also get to Italy soon. I'm really looking forward to all of the travel. I find the people accross the ocean quite engaging."

Armstrong has been spending his time focusing on the band he put together, the Enterprise Blues Band. Armstrong asked some fellow Trek associates to form the band with him. "I've asked Casey Biggs, Steve Rankin, Ron B. Moore ( Special effects director for most of the Trek shows), Richard Herd, and my friend Bill Jones to join me in a band called the Enterprise Blues Band," he said. "Surprisingly, they all jumped at the chance. They like the fans as much as I do and this a chance to do something fun and different with them. We all love music even though we're not all musicians."

The Enterprise Blues Band will be playing at some Star Trek conventions soon. "We have actaully booked something of a national tour!" Armstrong said. "Dave Scott of Slanted Fedora Entertainment has booked us in five U.S. cities. Our premiere is at one of his conventions. He's posted the information on the Indainapolis convention site, though I'm not sure that will be the first one."

Fans who attend the Slanted Fedora conventions will be treated to a unique type of music. "We call our brand of music Sci Fi Hillbilly Blues. It's really kind of a mish mash of blues and rock'n roll," he commented. "Most of the songs have a Star Trek theme, or a theme involving some sci fi show. But we will do other music as well. We are all truly looking forward to it."

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