'Natural Law' Script Appears Online

By Christian
April 26, 2001 - 7:22 PM

Just as earlier in Voyager's seventh season, episode scripts have managed to find their way onto the internet, 'Natural Law' is the latest episode to be revealed online, hours after the episode's promo screened on UPN.

Though an extensive synopsis already appeared online last month (story), the full script reveals several new titbits.

The main story deals with Seven and Chakotay stranded on a primitive world with Voyager prevented from rescuing them by an energy barrier. Much of the action that takes place on the planet is descriptive, and needs to be seen in live action form to be appreciated. However the episode does have a strong plot twist that puts Captain Janeway in an unusual position over a prime directive issue. As part of this new twist, rather than apply the Federation's cardinal protocol to her own actions, Janeway is forced to defend an alien civilisation from causing further damage to itself. As you might expect, the aliens take issue with her actions, with dramatic results.

The episode's B-plot deals with Tom Paris being forced to take piloting lessons for committing "piloting violation two five six." Much hilarity ensues as Paris is forced at Janeway's insistence (not least because she finds the whole thing highly amusing) to go back to school. We are treated to some vintage Torres and Kim double team antics, as they revel in Tom's discomfort.

A large amount of speculation about this episode has surrounded Chakotay and Seven's scenes together on the planet. While the focus of the episode is certainly not on any potential romance, any significance attributed to these scenes will differ depending on personal interpretation. And of course, on how the actors and the director choose to play them.

'Natural Law' will air on UPN next Wednesday. The full script can be found here at DailyTrek.de for those in search of morespoilers.

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