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TV Guide Series V Article

By Christian
April 26, 2000 - 11:58 PM

The April 29 - May 5 issue of the TV Guide print magazine contains a short report in the 'Insider' section, written by Michael Logan. In it, he writes about several of the recent happenings regarding the future of the Trek universe. In the article, Logan starts out by mentioning again that Voyager will end next season, to be replaced by a new Star Trek series. According to Mark A. Altman (the director of 'Free Enterprise'), who is quoted in the article, this may not necessarily be a good idea:

People are sick of Star Trek. But rather than give the franchise a rest and relaunch it in a few years when fervor has built again, Paramount is going to run it into the ground until it's dead.

After that, Logan mentions that Trek's leading man Rick Berman is keeping mum about the new series, but that "a source close to him tells TV Guide that 'an idea seriously being considered is a prequel about the 22nd-century birth of the Federation and a 29th-century villain who travels back in time to stop it.' " It's nice to see the reports on the net about a prequel series be confirmed by TV Guide, though, as a word of caution, it could of course also be that the magazine simply copied these reports from the net.

After that, the article ends with the following look at some of the other concepts that have been mentioned:

Other reports have Paramount pushing for a hipper, sexier premise (a series about young guns at Starfleet Academy has been bandied about for years). At press time, 5,000 Roddenberry loyalists were gearing up to picket Paramount and stations that air Voyager. Their goal: an old-fashioned, upbeat Trek spin-off headed by original cast member George Takei (Sulu). "Berman likes things controversial and dark and does things Gene wouldn't have dreamed of," says the group's leader, Russ Haslage. "We don't think Trek needs a hiatus. The real Trek has been on hiatus for years."

Thanks go out to both Robert Charest and Richard Rafter for sending this in!

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