Jammer Goes To Hollywood

By Christian
April 26, 2000 - 10:30 PM

Jamahl Epsicokhan has just updated Star Trek: Hypertext with a report of a recent trip he made to Los Angeles, during which he actually visited the Star Trek production offices to pitch for Voyager. Here's the introduction to his report:

I don't get away much these days. I currently live in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, which might best be described as two small combined cities (approximate population 110,000) about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis -- closer to Chicago, but you get the picture if you're even vaguely familiar with the region. I work your standard daily 8-to-5 job; I hang out at bars with my friends; I visit my parents on weekends; and in my free time I write these Trek reviews, which over the past few years have made me more widely known on the Internet than anything else I've done.

So when I got a surprise invitation (and believe me, I was very surprised) to head out to L.A. to pitch story ideas to Star Trek: Voyager, it didn't exactly take anyone twisting my arm for me to say yes, I'll give this a try. This article is about my experience spanning a two-month period in preparing for and ultimately making the pitch, and about my 48 hours in Los Angeles -- my first visit to the area. By the way, please don't think me a narcissistic bastard for indulging to call this article "Jammer Goes to L.A." (it's better than the long-considered alternative, "Jammer Goes to Hollywood") -- I simply couldn't resist the opportunity. I rarely go on trips, let alone to the film industry capital of the world ... to say nothing of actually meeting with Hollywood people and getting a chance to pretend I'm a freelancer. If this article occasionally seems excessive, keep in mind that I'm writing to an audience that includes me as one of its members. It's a personal journal entry as much as anything else. In 10 years, I think I'll be glad I was so detailed, or even so excessive.

To read the actual report, please follow this link. Be warned that the report of the first day in LA actually contains a few spoilers for upcoming Voyager episodes.

In addition, he's put up a review of 'Live Fast and Prosper', last week's new Voyager episode:

All things considered, this is a middling fluff piece. I liked the skillful way the twists in the last act were presented, but apart from the clever twists we don't have a compelling core. And it's too evident that Robin Burger's script is smarter than any of the characters who populate it; the plot takes clever directions while the villains aren't nearly so clever as they probably should be. "Live Fast and Prosper" lives pretty fast. But it doesn't live with any depth or much credibility. And in the end it can't prosper.

In the full review, the episode is awarded 2 stars.

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