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Trevino On 'Of Gods And Men'

By T'Bonz
March 26, 2008 - 4:49 AM

Jack Trevino finds unexpected humor on the set of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

As reported by Sci Fi Pulse, a recommendation by Jack Marshall of Star Trek: Phase II led to Trevino's involvement in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

"Sky Conway had contacted Jack Marshall and James Cawley about using the fantastic sets of Star Trek: Phase II (formerly New Voyages)," said Trevino. " Jack recommended us to Sky and we began writing an outline. The original storyline was abandoned and I asked Sky to give Ethan and myself another shot at developing a new story. After a couple of months, we agreed on a new concept that would fit in with the original storyline that Sky and Tim had developed."

I will say that a heat wave hit upper New York the week we were filming and the temperature inside the sets rose to as high as 120F. One can only imagine what those conditions will do to the human body. We quickly discovered that filming late in the evening would be the best way to combat the heat. One time, Tim was about to get a shot in and the train roared by (the tracks were directly behind the building). The train passed and everything was set, he called for action and the train blew its horn. He waited again until silence. He called for action again and the train blew its horn one more time. Finally, it was gone. Tim called for action and a big rig blew past the front of the building and you guessed it, he blew his horn. Everyone exploded into laughter. The New Voyages people were a terrific help - we could never have made the film without James and his exceptional group of volunteers.

Of Gods and Men brings back the character of Captain Harriman. Trevino felt that the character merited redemption. "I always felt the character of Captain Harriman was never given the opportunity to show that he was not responsible for Kirk's death," said Trevino. "I thought that if the fans looked upon his character that way, so would the other Trek characters. Therefore, he should have been given the chance to prove he was Star Fleet material. Our story would elevate his character to hero status, something that Alan Ruck also felt was right for the character. I hope 'Of Gods and Men' gives him a new audience and a new fan base."

To read more, head to the article located here.

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