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More Details For 'Natural Law'

By Amy
March 26, 2001 - 3:50 AM

Just a day after our own source came forward with a detailed summary of the plot for 'Natural Law', AntonyF at's Star Trek Central has managed to acquire the complete script for the episode.

From the synopsis, it becomes clear exactly how Chakotay and Seven become trapped on the planet of the Ventu - they are on their way in a shuttlecraft to attend a conference when they encounter the energy barrier protecting the Ventu. The shuttle explodes, but Seven and Chakotay manage to beam out in time, ending up in a "verdant jungle, with lush flowers, climbing vines and twittering birds." Chakotay is left with a serious leg injury, their communicators aren't working, and they have no way to contact the ship.

On the planet, they encounter the Ventu, who try to help Chakotay with his wound. Chakotay is fascinated by them and attempts to communicate, but Seven of Nine isn't interested and instead heads off to salvage parts of their shuttle and construct a beacon from them. But when she gets lost in the jungle and is trapped amidst thunder and lightening, she is approached by a little Ventu girl, who gives her a blanket and some food.

Seven befriends the little girl, and with her help is able to construct a deflector to break through the barrier. As reported earlier, not only allows this Voyager to get through to Seven and Chakotay, but also allows the Ledosians to interfere with the planet again. Seven convinces Janeway that she needs to restore the barrier. "When Commander Chakotay and I first encountered the Ventu," she says, "I found them primitive... of little interest to me… But as I spent time with them... I came to realize that they`re a resourceful, self-reliant people… Their isolation may limit their potential. But if that isolation ends, so will a unique way of life."

In the end, Janeway is able to restore the barrier, thanks to Tom Paris and the Delta Flyer. As the ship flies away from Ledosian Space, Chakotay admires the blanket given to Seven by the Ventu girl, and Seven explains that she was glad to have experienced being with the aliens.

For our own original summary of the scenes on Voyager, please click here. For a full synopsis of the rest, please follow this link to Star Trek Central.

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