News Bullets

By Christian
March 26, 2000 - 11:24 PM

  • The German online radio show DocRocks has put up a RealAudio interview with William Shatner (James T. Kirk), in honour of the upcoming German premiere of 'Free Enterprise'. Thanks go out to our German partner site for this!

  • David Henderson at Psi Phi has put up back cover descriptions for two upcoming Trek novels, namely New Frontier #9: Excalibur: Requiem and its sequel Excalibur: Renaissance, both by Peter David.

  • Over at the Decipher web site, they've put up a new article by Francis K. Lalumiere, called 'A Technological Paradox'. The article, which is translated from the original French version, deals with the dependence of collectible card games on one of the oldest technologies in existence, paper.

  • The German Corona WebBEAT is reporting that René Ahlberg, former webmaster of the Galileo-7 conventions, has announced he will be organising a convention in November, and has already secured most of the financing. The future of the Galileo-7 conventions was recently made uncertain after Star-Events, the organiser, got into financial trouble - if Star-Events is still able to organise a con Ahlberg has said he will cancel his own plans again.

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