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By Christian
March 26, 2000 - 11:18 PM

Antony over at Fandom's Star Trek Central has put up two new Trek articles this weekend. The first is a transcript from their chat with TNG & DS9 director Chip Chalmers, which was held yesterday evening, and which I unfortunately forgot to publicise here. Below are a few of the highlights from the transcript:

AntonyF Was there a particular episode or event when directing Trek that was problematic?

chalmers On Captain's Holiday, for two days I ran a fever of 103. I had a cot behind the set and got up when I had to. That's about the biggest problem I ever had.

AntonyF You mentioned to me before the chat about bloopers in TNG... would you like to tell everyone about them? Some of us like bloopers!

chalmers Yes, I was thinking about this last night. Both are in Captain's Holiday. Get your tapes out. When Picard is on the lounge chair on Risa in the big wide shot, look in the center of the room for something red on a stand. This is what is called an E-Fan (Effects Fan) and blows the plants around as if it is windy. Should never have been on Risa, do you think?

The other is towar the very beginning and it's the magic color changeing turbolift doors. From Grey to Orange. This is because I wanted it to look like one shot down the corridor to the bridge. So down the corridor to the turbolift on Stage 9 move to stage 8 do two coverage pieces on Jonathon and Patrick and back to the master where the now grey doors open and we follow them to the bridge. No one had ever done that shot and no one had checked the colors of the doors on the two different sound stages

Now, go enjoy

You can find the full transcript here.

In addition, he has put up an article talking about the recent spread of internet rumours surrounding Series V:

The new series will have a man as the main character! Well I'm going to say that because I've got a 50% chance of being right. Okay I'm being sarcastic, but I'm finding it laughable that so many rumors and piles of mis-information are floating around the internet. I said a few months ago that Star Trek Central wouldn't print idle gossip, only confirmed or plausible information. However the internet is full of people wanting to look like they are in the know. Mentioning their 'source' is a favorite. The fact is that a 14-year old boy sitting in Australia who has never been to the US can say he has a Paramount source. It doesn't mean anything. This is the internet we're talking about!

You can find the full article by following this link.

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