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Montgomery Satisfied With Travis' Role

By Michelle
February 26, 2005 - 10:43 PM

"I never start going 'Travis needs to be the focal point.' I just want to be part of the team," actor Anthony Montgomery said of his role on Star Trek: Enterprise, a show he describes as one that "works best when it is an all-inclusive show with the entire cast doing something."

In an interview with Dreamwatch (via Sci Fi Pulse), Montgomery spoke about his regrets about the series' cancellation, though he said the cast had had nearly a year to prepare since the series was saved from oblivion at the end of last season. "Almost all last year, we heard we might not be back. That's a long time to have that weighing over your head, so I think everyone went into their own spaces and made sure they were prepared," he observed.

Though he is not resentful that his character was one of the less-used members of the ensemble, Montgomery said he was sorry not to have done more character-building with Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer. "I know I'd like to see him have a love interest," he admitted. "I want to keep his development coming." He also said that he wished to be involved in action episodes: "I don't know if I'm necessarily billing myself as an action person per se but I'm in shape and the action is fun."

Montgomery noted that he has been very happy with the writing this season, saying, "I think when Manny Coto came in, he raised the bar, raised the stakes for the entire show." He said that it was interesting working with Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton when the latter directed the former in one of the Augements episodes. "Brent is a great guy, a true professional, and was nice to everyone," he said. "It was probably harder for Brent because Levar was directing for us and there was that whole dynamic between the two of them. It was like two brothers from a different family joining ours."

For more, including Montgomery's plans to sneak off with the Enterprise helm when nobody is looking when the sets come down, see issue 127 of Dreamwatch or read the excerpts at Sci Fi Pulse.

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