Braga Looks Back At 'Voyager'

By Caillan
February 26, 2002 - 6:15 PM

Currently busy working on Enterprise's debut season, veteran Trek scribe Brannon Braga recently reflected on the seven years he spent as a writer on Star Trek: Voyager.

"I look back at the show, and there were some really good episodes," Braga told Cinefantastique (via TrekWeb). "Maybe I am just being biased, but I think, episode for episode, there were as many outstanding Voyagers as there were outstanding Next Generations, even in the first season."

Although the writer admitted the series had problems, he is still proud of what the writing staff achieved. "Voyager was a very consistent show, in terms of putting out very good episodes of Star Trek," Braga said. "I am not saying there weren't some stinkers. I am not saying we didn't struggle to find Janeway's character, but there were plenty of good episodes in there, very high-concept stuff."

Braga credited co-executive producer Joe Menosky with helping him define the series. "Whatever tiny measure of pride that I have, I share with Joe Menosky, because he was right there in the trenches with me, reshaping Voyager."

"I think Joe and I took a somewhat flagging show and infused it with some small semblance of energy, by adding Seven of Nine and reshaping the way we would tell stories. I think that we were all struggling to find Voyager's voice. It had a female captain, which was good and unique. But we were struggling to find what made Voyager stand out."

To read the full interview, pick up the latest issue of Cinefantastique, out now. The original extracts can be found at TrekWeb.

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