New 'Human Error' Spoilers

By Amy
February 26, 2001 - 10:19 PM

With speculation - and hostility - about upcoming Voyager episode 'Human Error' running rampant, many fans' imaginations have been running wild about what exactly will happen with Seven of Nine in the episode. Fortunately, SquireJames just sent us some plot points from the 'Human Error' which shed some more light on this. One in particular is of great interest if it's true, detailing exactly how and why Seven will become a tragic figure, while there is also a little more on the infamous 'finger scene' in last week's promo. Thanks go out to SquireJames for sending these in!

  • Jeri Ryan said some time ago that Seven would become a tragic figure. Well it's true, if you can call it 'tragic'. It'll be discovered that Seven's cortical node will prevent her from being able to feel strong emotions - probably a new innovation to stop drones from leaving the collective. Any strong emotions she feels will result in her being zapped by the node.

  • B'Elanna will have her baby shower - twice. The first will be in Seven's holodeck fantasy, the second in reality which Seven does not attend. Among the presents in reality will be a selection of lullabies sung by, surprise surprise, the Holodoc.

  • Seven will request and wear a Starfleet uniform in her fantasy life and will also, as has been suspected, get her own quarters. The quarters will be more or less bare, not even containing a replicator. That will change later when Seven gets around to altering the program to make them more homey.

  • Also in her fantasies, Seven won't have any Borg implants and won't need to regenerate.

  • That finger scene from the UPN promo is, not really all that surprisingly, from her 'hot scene' with Chakotay. It'll happen after she invites him around for dinner. As she's quite the gourmand these days, she cooks and asks Chakotay to check the seasoning, which he does by sticking his finger in. He tells her it needs more salt and for her to check, he dips his finger in again, and, well, you've seen the rest. Chakotay's been pre-programmed as a potential romantic interest for the scenario, by the way.
'Human Error' airs next week Wednesday, on the 7th of March.

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