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'Star Trek XI' Abrams Chat Transcript

By T'Bonz
January 26, 2008 - 1:40 AM

J.J. Abrams and several others ranging from writers to actors involved with the making of Star Trek XI participated in an online chat discussion today, answering fan questions.

The J.J. Abrams chat that took place today at featured J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and several others associated with Star Trek XI.

Abrams answered questions submitted by fans in a chat today. He explained how he felt about the responsibility to carrying the torch of the Star Trek franchise. "It’s funny that you phrased it that way — carrying the torch — because that’s exactly what it feels like. Trek means a great deal to many people, and I fully appreciate that responsibility. But I have never been overwhelmed by that burden. Quite the opposite. The fans have been part of the inspiration. This experience has felt, from the beginning, like a truly unbelievable opportunity. We’re only half-way through principle photography, but the torch is burning bright and we’re running hard!"

Executive producer Bryan Burke promised that a trailer would be in the theaters sometime this summer. He also discussed the documentation of the making of Star Trek XI for a potential behind-the-scenes DVD or, if interest warranted, a book. Burke finished with a flash of humor; when asked what the tenth word of the tenth page of the script was, he answered "and".

Both Zachary Quinto (Spock) and Chris Pine (Kirk) made appearances in the chat. Quinto admitted that his favorite on-set moment so far was "Definitely the first time Leonard and I were both in costume at the same time for the wardrobe test." Pine admitted that "I still get the 'chills' every time I sit in 'the' chair, and every time I say who I am in the movie."

To see the transcript, head to the link located here. Details of the full chat are located here. Photos are expected to be posted at when their official transcript is posted.

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