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Berman: There Will Be A Trek XI

By Caillan
November 25, 2002 - 3:07 PM

'Star Trek Nemesis' could be the "final journey" for the Next Generation crew, but there will be an eleventh installment in the feature franchise, Trek helmsman Rick Berman said today.

"I can tell you right now we'll be making another film," Berman told Scott Collura at Cinescape. "There's never been a Star Trek movie that wasn't profitable for Paramount. [...] There's very little risk involved in Star Trek films, so I think we're a long way from seeing the end."

With official discussions still someway off, nothing about 'Star Trek XI' is set in stone. "As to whether the next film will include these [TNG] characters, or a combination of these characters with other characters from other series, [or] new characters — that's all yet to be discussed."

If 'Nemesis' really is the final fling for the TNG crew, that opens the door for cast members from Deep Space Nine, Voyager and even Enterprise to make the trek to the silver screen. Although the eventual fate of Captain Sisko means he would be difficult to bring back for a film ("I don't know if putting Sisko on the screen is viable," Berman said), other DS9 characters could certainly appear.

"Colm Meaney is a remarkable actor. Rene Auberjonois is a remarkable actor. Jeri Ryan, I can't imagine people would not love to see her on the big screen. So there are possibilities of combining other actors. But then again, I'm not suggesting that we're going to do that. It's just a possibility. It's even a possibility that we would include characters from Enterprise even though they're 200 years earlier. Anything's possible with Star Trek."

The full interview can be found here at Cinescape.

With the 'Star Trek Nemesis' premiere now only a few weeks away, movie news and rumours site Ain't It Cool News has posted their first review based on the final cut of the film.

"'Nemesis' is both a success and a slight disappointment," wrote reviewer 'Chuckamuck', who saw the movie at a New York press screening. "It succeeds at delivering some nice character moments, several kick-ass action sequences and (for once in a very long time) an intriguing villain." Negative points included "some painful attempts at humor," "clunky dialogue" and "Jerry Goldsmith's surprisingly wimpy score."

The reviewer also thought 'Nemesis' was poorly paced. "There are long moments of dead air that just scream for music or dialogue to fill the screen and which bring a lot of the drama to a halt. This movie is pretty talky too - there's a lot of dialogue to explain the plot but almost all of those scenes fall flat with little or no dramatic tension. The story feels rushed and dramatically light-weight."

Despite his complaint that the film "played like another TV episode projected on the big screen," 'Chuckamuck' still thought 'Nemesis' was "good fun."

The original review is available here at Ain't It Cool News. Thanks to Phil Smith for this!

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