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Star Trek X Progress Report

By Christian
November 25, 2000 - 9:38 PM

  • Scott Thien at the Indeanapolis Star has posted a new interview with Brent Spiner (Data), the first new one in quite a while that has the TNG star talking about Star Trek.

    As was to be expected, Spiner confirmed he will likely be in the next Trek film, though nothing has been officially signed yet: "I haven't signed anything, but we've been in serious talks. It's not a matter of 'if' but 'when.'" Recent reports mentioned Spiner being involved in writing the film's story, but of course he wasn't particulary anxious to reveal it. "That's like opening Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving. Besides, you'll probably be able to read the entire story line on the Internet in the next few weeks anyway."

    In the rest of the interview, Spiner also talks about Star Trek in general, saying he believes there should definitely be a new Star Trek series. "I think they should do another series. I don't see any reason to give it a rest. Now, if they put on a show and no one came, well then there's your answer. Why on earth would they think they've done enough with (Star Trek) when it's (UPN's) No. 1 show? [...] The reason Star Trek is so popular is that I honestly think Gene Roddenberry came up with what is the single greatest formula for a TV show: It never ends, because traveling the galaxy offers thousands of stories to explore."

    Read more from Spiner, including some info on his other projects, in the full interview.

  • Meanwhile, Paramount recently officially announced (via Variety) that they've hired John Logan to pen the script of the film, while also announcing that Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) and Spiner will be starring in the film, even though, as it now turns out, Spiner hasn't been signed yet. According to Variety, Trek X looks to be one of those films that could either be put on the fast track to be completed before the looming writers and actors' strikes or be held until after the strikes.

  • One of the factors that could affect this decision is whether Paramount would like Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker) to direct again. The Sci-Fi Wire recently reported that Frakes will be helming the SF movie 'Clockstoppers', starring Jesse Bradford. As shooting for that movie begins in January, having Frakes direct Trek X would mean it would have to be pushed back until after the strikes.

  • The actual strike is now approaching more and more rapidly, with the collective contract of the Writers Guild running out on the 1st of May, just over five months away, followed by the actors' conteact on the 30th of June. As reported previously, last month producers requested that contract negotiations start early in order to avoid such a strike, but so far none have taken place yet, with the unions banking on fear of a strike to give them more bargaining power.

    In order to combat the effects of the strike, many studios have begun work on more projects now, in order to have some material stockpiled for during the strike. However, a new Variety article mentions that this could actually have some adverse effects for the industry: as a result of the high demand for talent, some projects' quality standards have been lowered, for instance leading to "B-level actors" suddenly finding enough work for them. In light of this, it might actually be better for Star Trek X to be postponed until after the strike - at least that way it would be insured of having enough talent to produce a memorable film.

  • Whatever happens, Trek X isn't expected in cinemas for at least another year, with Thanksgiving 2001 being the earliest possible release date. We'll of course continue to keep you updated on its progress.

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