Gaming Bullets

By Amy
November 25, 2000 - 12:55 PM

  • Bruce Pulver of Games Domain has our first review of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen' for today. While there is no final rating, he did seem to think it was worth a look, commenting that "it certainly holds its own and is sure to be popular among a wide variety of gamers."

  • Clarence Worley of Game Over was slightly less positive in his review, awarding it 70% and only 28/50 in the gameplay stakes.

  • Review Number 3 comes from Game Raiders, where it was rated a rather better 88 though the reviewer commented that "for the non-trekkies out there, it's hard for me to recommend this game"

  • Over at XGR, Ultramag has provided review number four. He was also not that happy with the game, rating it 3/5 and commenting on the repetitive game-play and linear missions.

  • PlayNow reviewer Steve Polak has taken a look at 'Start Trek, New Worlds'. Unusualy postiive for the game, he rated it 7/10.

  • PC Game World Wide has the first of two 'Elite Force' reviews today. Reviewer James Diaz gave it 90%, commenting that "If you're looking for a first-person shooter that is simple but yet involving enough in its single player experience then picking up a copy of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is a no-brainer."

  • Derrick Pereira of T-Break rated it 8.5 in his review of the game, finding it's only flaw to be the very short single-player game.

  • The official 'Bridge Commander' page has uploaded a new screen shot of the week.

  • Finally, the first patch for 'The Fallen' is out, which includes includes a quick fix for the audio device selection problem and also new Direct-3D drivers

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