Clark Says No 23rd Century In Upcoming Pocket Books

By Michelle
October 25, 2007 - 9:30 PM

Upcoming post-Nemesis Star Trek novels will focus on the rebuilding of Starfleet and the Federation, Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark said in an interview.

"The idea is that the Enterprise has recovered from its battle with Shinzon in Nemesis, and we have to deal with what the Federation is right now," Clark told Star Trek Magazine (via TrekWeb). "Starfleet is still rebuilding from the Dominion War where so many officers were lost, so many people devastated and so many ships destroyed that we have a fleet that is fighting under-strength. But luckily the Romulan threat is slightly's a rebuilding period for Starfleet and the Federation, and hopefully a period of going back to exploration."

Clark added that Next Generation books would focus on Picard's concerns that he would never be free of the Borg and the plans concocted by Picard and Admiral Janeway to try to stop them, "but the Borg keep flipping the rules!" The books, she added, will all be set in the 24th century: "We have made a conscious decision in 2008 to stay away from the 23rd Century," allowing the producers of the upcoming Star Trek film to explore that period.

TrekWeb also has a review of The Academy Collision Course, the latest novel by William Shatner, which focuses on Kirk and Spock's first meeting. "The pretty cover does not illustrate the travesty of prose that is to follow," wrote reviewer Jeff Ayers.

Ayers called the storyline "totally ludicrous from the start" and said that the climax of the story "goes so over the top and is so unbelievable that the reader is left laughing with the sheer lunacy", in particular Starfleet's recruitment methods. The book received only one star out of four as a work of Star Trek fiction.

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