Quinto Says Entire Original Series Cast Is Supportive

By Michelle
October 25, 2007 - 9:10 PM

Zachary Quinto thanked once and future Spock Leonard Nimoy for his support and said that the other original series actors had made themselves available to their successors as well.

"What we create is something that will be among us ó it won't be something that pits one person against another, [but] the actors from the original are available if you want to engage them," he told MTV. "I have the advantage of having Leonard being a part of the movie and not just supportive of it."

Quinto's Heroes co-star George Takei has said that he is pleased with the casting of John Cho to play Sulu, and Quinto agreed, calling the casting of Cho and Simon Pegg as Scotty "genius...come on, [Pegg's] a comic genius. I feel like I couldn't be in better company."

Though some fans have been uneasy about a prequel storyline, Quinto added that as an actor, he feels it is advantageous. "I was talking to Leonard about this," he said. "I think there's a distinction you need to make as an actor that you're clear when and where you drop into that character...[Spock] evolved over a long period of time, so to pick that up and establish it at a time before you knew those characters is exciting. It allows me to discover some of the origins of these things."

And as for what he thinks of the casting of Eric Bana as the film's villain, Quinto joked, "He's the Hulk! So, you know, maybe you'll see a little Spock/Hulk showdown!"

But despite rumours from several months ago that J.J. Abrams favourite Keri Russell would have a role in the film - possibly as a love interest for Spock, according to onetime reports - the actress told TV Guide (via Moviehole) that it won't be happening. "We were trying to work that out, but I donít think itís going to work out," she said, saying that she and Abrams may work together on a different project.

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