New 'Drive' Review

By Amy
October 25, 2000 - 1:53 PM

Jamahl Epsicokhan has posted his take on last week's Voyager episode, 'Drive' at Star Trek: Hypertext. Finding the episode to be about average, Jammer did say that while it "[wasn't] the deepest material ever conceived, [....] it was adequately conveyed by Michael Taylor's script and the actors".

If you're looking for something substantive, you'd best look elsewhere. "Drive" is a featherweight Voyager outing -- an amiable episode that will hopefully make you grin from time to time, hopefully make you glad that they've actually dealt with a character theme that has been largely ignored for the past three years, and hopefully remind you that the plot of last week's "Imperfection," while mired in overused Borg milieu, was a pretty meaty story -- which this is not. The plot details of "Drive" are an excuse to give us a relationship show on a series which the now-only-peripherally-involved Brannon Braga has always maintained "is not a relationship show."

In other words, this is generally effective marshmallow fluff. Ambitious? Hardly. Reasonably well-executed on its terms? For the most part, yes. A pleasant, likable hour? I think so. It's a rare Paris/Torres episode, with a subplot involving Harry "I'm Such a Hapless but Lovable Chump" Kim. For once we have a story that is actually about the characters, and not about the plot. Well, sort of. Sure, the relationship story involving Tom and B'Elanna may be a fairly standard iteration on a formula -- but, hey, I'm glad the writers made the effort. Maybe Kenneth Biller, running the show from here on out, will actually deliver on some of those rumored reports of increased continuity and character development for Voyager's final season. "Drive" displays some possible signs of that.

For Jammer's full thoughts, drop off here at Star Trek – Hypertext.

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