Julia Houston on the Voyager Mirror Crew

By Amy
October 25, 2000 - 1:25 PM

Julia Houston, About.com's Star Trek Guide, has uploaded the latest edition of her weekly Hailing Frequencies column. This week's column is a rather light-hearted take on the mirror universe, or, what the Voyager crew would be like in the mirror universe.

What would the Voyager crew be like in the Alternate Universe?

The appeal of the question lies in three basic Star Trek principles:

1. Like so many one-shot deals in TOS, the Alternate Universe has been developed into an entire storyline of its own. Kirk found this incredibly screwed up realm and basically screwed things up a thousand times more with his interference and I-know-better-than-you attitude. DS9 played on it with repeat visits, giving us such unforgettable characters the Intendent, the completely immoral Garak toady, Worf with a really bad hair day, and Bashir with a major Altivian itch-beedle stuck firmly up his posterior.

2. Freed from the storytelling restraints of the regular Star Trek universe, anything can happen to the alternative of regular characters, including death and demonism. Empires have already risen and fallen several times, and the situation doesn't even have to be tidy when our regular guys end their visit. The Alternative Universe has certainly never heard of the "reset button."

3. The Alternate Universe is just so perverted.

For the full article, which is bound to give you a laugh (at least for the first description of the mirror-Holodoc) click here and visit About.com's Star Trek Fans.

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