'Enterprise' Goes Back To TOS, Say Reviews

By Caillan
September 25, 2001 - 10:33 AM

The 'Enterprise' pilot, 'Broken Bow,' is the best episode of Star Trek in years, according to two new reviews recently published online.

"Enterprise is the best Star Trek since Star Trek, or at least 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan'," wrote Zap2it's Kate O'Hare. "The fourth spin-off in a franchise that has become increasingly bloodless, Enterprise recaptures the same spirit as 'Apollo 13' - taking realistic space exploration and making it as exciting as fantasy space exploration."

O'Hare praised Scott Bakula's (Jonathan Archer) performance as fostering this more 'adventurous' outlook. "Bakula is a genuine TV star, with his ship's-prow profile, warmth, good humour and up-and-at-'em energy," she wrote. "His Archer is a 'damn the torpedoes' kind of guy, possessing Kirk's sense of adventure without his bullheadedness, and Picard's innate dignity without his philosophizing (and he looks really good in skivvies)."

The fact that science and humans don't always mix is another plus, according to the review. "In a franchise so laden with technobabble and pseudo-scientific doubletalk that the dialogue (and probably a few actors) nearly collapsed under its own weight," O'Hare wrote, "Enterprise has a charming and healthy distrust of high technology that hasn't been seen since Georgia good ol' boy 'Bones' McCoy worried about having his atoms scrambled by a transporter (a worry shared by the Enterprise crew)."

'Bones' and Spock may not be on our screens anymore, but according to Dave Mason of the Ventura Country Star, 'Enterprise' recaptures the spirit of their relationship. "The pilot episode features an angry yet intelligent conflict between Archer and his Vulcan science officer, Sub Commander T'Pol (the gorgeous Jolene Blalock)," he wrote (via the Nando Times). "He even tells her what she can do with her Vulcan cynicism."

Mason joined in the chorus of enthusiasm for the new series. "I haven't felt this excited since Capt. Picard faced the Borg," he wrote. "Enterprise, the new Star Trek prequel, is a bumpy, adventurous ride, even when the ship's just going warp 4.5. It feels a lot faster. Fans of Captain Kirk and the original Star Trek will want to beam aboard this ship."

O'Hare's review can be found here at Zap2it, while Dave Mason's analysis can be found at the Nando Times. Thanks to the Great Link for this!

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