Gaming Bullets

By Christian
September 25, 2000 - 11:02 PM

  • Activision, the gaming company currently owning the Star Trek license, has announced it will be developing products for the Xbox, the upcoming gaming console from Microsoft.

  • And one of Activision's products, 'Voyager: Elite Force', is still getting good reviews. Sue Denim at the British Daily Radar calls the game a 'Direct Hit' in her review.

  • Also positive is Jérôme "Cyphre" C. Huguet who called the game (in German) a hit.

  • And finally, the Bot Epidemic has put up a review of the Voyager game, awarding the game itself a 95% and its bots just 50%.

  • In other 'Elite Force' news, Raven's Jeremy Statz has released a new CTF map for the game.

  • Dekard at has written an editorial on running an 'Elite Force' multiplayer server.

  • And if you actually play the game in multiplayer, you might want to check out this .plan file update from Raven's Rick Johnson, who warns about a scam to try and obtain CD Keys from Elite Force users.

  • And in our final piece of 'Elite Force' news for the day, Inside Mac Games has a report on the game's Mac version which, despite rumours to the contrary, is still in development.

  • Joshua Morris, developer at Taldren, is interviewed at EPRadio, talking of course mostly about the second title in the 'Starfleet Command' series.

  • GameVisions has a review of that other recent Trek game, 'New Worlds', which reviewer John Del Percio awards a rating of 95%, probably the highest score that game ever received.

  • Thanks go out to Blue for many of these!

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