News Bullets

By Michelle
August 25, 2005 - 8:13 PM

  • has a report by a fan who met Patrick Stewart (Picard) on the X-Men 3 set.

  • There are photos of Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) at the G-Phoria Videogame Awards at Just Jolene Blalock.

  • SF Gate has a story on a pub tribute to James Doohan (Scotty). Thanks to Soul of Star Trek.

  • Obituaries and memorial fund information for Brock Peters (Joseph Sisko-Admiral Cartwright), Herta Ware (Yvette Picard) and Loulie Jean Norman (theme singer) are available at

  • TV Squad has a review of Marina Sirtis (Troi)'s appearance on "The Closer."

  • Sev Trek has posted the finalists of the latest Troi cartoon caption contest.

  • Totally Kate! has a new article on Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) and Tea at Five in Pasadena.

  • John Rhys-Davies (da Vinci), Tommy Lister (Klaang) and James Callis (Baltar) star in the soon to be released epic two-part movie One Night With the King. Thanks to TrekWeb.

  • Gateworld names Andrew J. Robinson (Garak) as part of a fantasy cast for a Stargate fan series.

  • Gregg Henry from Star Trek: Insurrection will appear in the movie The Hunt for the BTK Killer shooting in Canada, according to The Futon Critic.

  • The UFP has learned that the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise will launch on Channel 4 in the UK on September 18th.

  • Mac Video Pro cites the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis as "a good example of a contemporary action trailer."

  • TrekPulse has DVD caps from the first seven episodes of the original Star Trek series.

  • The Star Trek CCG official site has posted an overview of the Star Trek 1st Edition X-List.

  • Washington, DC mayor Anthony Williams uses Star Trek phrases in his blog, reports USA Today.

  • Star Trek-style surgical instruments are becoming the norm, claims Australian IT News.

  • The San Bernardino County Sun introduces Brannon Braga's Threshold's supporting cast.

  • Broadway World reports on The Unholy Secrets of the Theremin, a tale of sex, spies, and sci-fi soundtracks which features references to Star Trek and its musical instruments.

  • An interview with author David Mack about the new book series Star Trek: Vanguard is available at Sci Fi Pulse.

  • TrekWeb has a review of S.C.E.: Breakdowns.

  • Excerpts from a new interview with Ron Moore about Battlestar Galactica are at The Great Link.

  • Austrek: The Star Trek Fan Club of Melbourne, Australia will be hosting a Klingon wedding.

  • The Arkansas Democrat reports that Google is slowly taking over Microsoft's well-established nickname of "The Borg" for its ever-expanding business endeavours.

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