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By Lisa
August 25, 2001 - 9:42 PM

Hello World!

I itch.

This evening was a beautiful time. The half moon was orange in a clear blue sky. Wispy clouds floated around. Birds chirped and a light breeze rustled the grass. So I decided to go for a walk.

I walked along the canal, watching the boats moored against the side and disturbing the odd family of ducks. Unfortunately, there was an unforseen hazard.

Gnats. And lots of them. Good grief, nothing stopped the little @*&€~s. Not a t-shirt and a hood, not angry arm waving. They continued to besiege me, and eat me alive.

Consequently, I itch. a lot. So if you'll excuse me, I have to post these columns and go scratch some more.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Why is Chakotay a bad pilot?

-Which celebrity would you like to see in Trek?

-Which is your favourite Next Generation Enterprise?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Trek Two Years Ago

Below are some of the most important headlines that appeared on TrekToday on Wednesday August 25, 1999:

  • New Take On Trek Tech
    In one of the first handful of Take on Trek columns written by Fred Shedian took a look at technology in Star Trek.

    It is true that in present day society the line between science-ficition and science-fact is changing very day. Although we are still looking for the cure to the common cold, early versions of tricorders now exist. Indeed, even a PADD can now be found on the market. And of course, how can we forget our communicators....I mean cell phones? In one episode, Mr. Scott was quoted saying an ion drive was beyond the Federation's technological expertise. Yet, not to long ago, a probe was launched utilizing this same technology. Eat your heart out Scotty...

    You can read more in the full article still available in our archives.

  • Phoenix Rising Now 'Andromeda'
    A new report announced that the series being developed by Robert Hewitt Wolf had undergone a name change.

    Many readers have written in telling me actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) has announced (in a very recent interview) that he will play the captain in the new series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. This is great news for me, as last week I posted Sorbo was interested in starring in one of three Gene Roddenberry posthumous series currently in development - whose titles were Phoenix Rising, Andromeda, Starship. Specifically, I indicated Sorbo was aiming towards either Phoenix Rising or Andromeda. What many fans may not realize is that the Andromeda show with which Sorbo is now involved is actually Phoenix Rising, a series mentioned in the article linked above & being developed by Deep Space Nine's Robert Hewitt Wolfe. That's right: The Powers That Be have taken the name of one Roddenberry series-in-development and slapped it onto Phoenix Rising - a completely unrelated Roddenberry series-in-development. So, Phoenix Rising is now called Andromeda - and The Series Formerly Known as Andromeda now has no title at all (for the moment).

    You can still read the original report by following this link. More information on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda can be found at SlipstreamWeb.

More news from that day can be found in our August 199 Archives.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was the 31st birthday of Jennifer Lien, who starred on Voyager during its first three seasons as Kes.

Today's Television Listings

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to bring you the Sci-Fi channel listings due to a problem with the official Star Trek site.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing The Original Series's 'By Any Other Name' at 10:00am Eastern Time, with a repeat at 4:00pm, TNG's 'Suspicions' at 12:00pm, DS9's 'Hard Time' at 5:00pm, and Voyager's 'Equinox, Part I' at 10:00pm.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing TNG's 'Darmok' at 17:00, with a repeat at 00:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In Germany, Sat.1 will be showing TNG's 'Wer ist John?' ('Transfigurations') at 16:00 CET, and Voyager's 'Fleisch und Blut, Teil 2' ('Flesh And Blood, Part II' at 20:15.

  • In the Netherlands, RTL5 will be showing DS9's 'When It Rains' at 18:00 CET. Thanks go out to for this!

Tomorrow's Television Listings

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing the Original Series episode 'The Ultimate Computer' at 10:00 a.m Eastern Time, followed by the Next Generation episode 'Second Chances' at 11:00 a.m

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing the Next Generation episode 'Relics' at 15:00 GMT, followed by 'Schisms' at 16:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

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