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Garrett Wang Fan Answers Online

By Christian
August 25, 2000 - 9:11 PM

Over at the official Star Trek site, they've posted a set of responses from Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) to the questions that visitors to the site were recently able to submit. Here are two of his answers:

John W., Sweden : Would you like the idea that Voyager never makes it home to Earth in the last and seventh season of the Voyager series, but instead does that in a possible future movie?

Garrett Wang: That's always been my belief that that would be the best deal for Voyager, is to just not let us come home, maybe have a cliffhanger, and finish up the whole series with a feature film, but of course that's not up to me, that's up to the producers and whatever designs they have on the finale.

Holodarlin': I notice that a lot of actors on Voyager have musical talents, including you. How would you feel about doing Star Trek: Voyager: The Musical?

GW: I think it would be a great idea. Kim has been established as being an expert at the clarinet, he played in the Youth Symphony when he was back on Earth. I have a clarinet coach; somebody who comes in here and makes sure I'm fingering the correct notes. I'm definitely a stickler for authenticity and I hate it when I watch something and someone's playing an instrument and you can definitely tell that they are not playing the instrument. So every episode where you have seen Harry play the clarinet, I have always made sure that I'm fingering the correct notes to the music, although I do not play the clarinet on a regular basis, just for the show.

One of the episodes last year, they made mention of Harry dropping the clarinet and picking up the saxophone and this was my decision, or my request. I wanted something a little funkier than the clarinet so I went with the saxophone.

For the full set of answers, including some very detailed ones on his being an Asian-American actor and his thoughts on Kim still being an ensign, please click here. More such Q&As should be organised at StarTrek.com over the coming year.

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