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Berman Bothered By 'These Are the Voyages...' Criticism

By Michelle
July 25, 2005 - 8:00 PM

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Star Trek executive producer Rick Berman insists that fans have treated Star Trek: Enterprise series finale "These Are the Voyages..." somewhat unfairly.

"You never like to disappoint people, but I think its nonsense to say that it was more a Next Generation episode than a Enterprise episode," Berman told Cult Times (via The Great Link). "The only elements of [The Next Generation] that were present were there as a sounding board to allow us to look at a mission that took place six years after ['Terra Prime']."

Berman said that he and co-writer Brannon Braga had spoken to the members of the cast during the development process and "didnít spend a lot of time defending the episode", but said the discussions had ended "very amicably." Several members of the cast have since criticised the episode publicly, most notably T'Pol actress Jolene Blalock, who called the finale "appalling."

"Iíve read a lot of the criticisms and I understand how some people feel, but [Braga] and I spent a lot of time coming up with the idea and a somewhat, I would say, unique ending to a series, especially when youíre ending it prematurely," said Berman. He added that the decision to kill off Tucker was made with the expectation that the show was not coming back for a fifth season, and that if it had been, that element would likely have been changed: "We would have been totally shocked if the show had been picked up [for Season 5], and if it had we probably would have made changes to the final episode."

The full interview is in the August 2005 issue of Cult Times, now on sale in the UK. These excerpts are courtesy The Great Link.

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