Wedding Bells On 'Enterprise'?

By Michelle
July 24, 2004 - 11:57 PM

Is T'Pol getting married? That's the rumour about the third episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Jolene Blalock mentioned at the press tour earlier this week that her character might be entering wedlock, and TrekWeb has reported that in the episode "Home", T'Pol's mother T'Las arranges a Vulcan marriage for her daughter.

The episode, to be directed by Allan Kroeker, reportedly will begin production on August 4th. In addition to introducing T'Las - a role that TrekWeb reports the producers are looking to cast a well-known performer in her 60s - the episode shows T'Pol's husband-to-be, a Vulcan named Koss for whom casting directors are seeking a tall male in his late 30s. Both roles have the possibility of being recurring, though producer Rick Berman stated earlier this week that the third episode of the season would be a standalone.

The Starship Columbia, another NX-class vessel, will also be introduced in "Home." Named for the space shuttle recently destroyed in a tragic accident, Enterprise's Columbia will be under the command of a character named Erika Hernandez, a former colleague of Archer's from Starfleet Academy.

As always, until this information is confirmed by Paramount, it should be treated as rumour. The original news item is at TrekWeb.

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