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Richard Arnold On 'Voyager', Series V & Trek X

By Christian
July 25, 2000 - 9:11 PM

Martin McCluskey at ScotTrek.com just sent in a report about a recent convention he attended, at which Trek advisor Richard Arnold was one of the advisors. At the con, Arnold, who frequently travels around cons to talk about upcoming episodes, revealed the following info:

His information was concise, however he did say that the next episode in S7 (after the ones you already know about) will be a Doctor/Seven of Nine episode with a twist. It is currently untitled, it will see the Doctor, for some reason, being downloaded into seven of nine - thus taking over her body. Arnold commented to Robert Picardo that it would be a brilliant episode for him, Picardo replied: "Why? I'm not even going to be in it!" but after some thought he said that he "would have some brilliant stories to tell at conventions about being inside Jeri Ryan"

After that, Richard Arnold went on to talk about Series V and Star Trek X, but please take what he said about those two projects with a large grain of salt, as it is completely contrary to everything pretty much everyone else has said, and Arnold doesn't have a particularly great track record on this:

Arnold also said not to listen to the rumours on the internet about series v. He said that even though the rumours suggest that there are ideas right, left, and centre for the next series that is false. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED FOR SERIES V. However, they are planning for Trek X, and this will most probabaly go ahead - even though it hasn't got to the "let's talk about money" stage!

The fact that there is nothing planned for Series V could be fatal for the stages that VGR is currently being filmed on at Paramount. Arnold voiced his concern over the fact that the stages - which have been in continuous use since the 70s when they were originally planned to be used for "Star Trek Phase II" may be torn down after VGR finishes production next year if they cannot go into production straight away on series v. He thinks that this would be a terrible thing to happen as these stages are now a *very* large part of Hollywood/Star Trek history. The sets were originally built for Star Trek Phase II and when that fell through they were re-dressed for ST: The Motion Picture and for the following films. They were also re-dressed for ST:TNG and then VGR - the fact that these sets could be torn down is devastating.

Please keep in mind that Paramount has stated numerous times Rick Berman and Braga are already fairly far in developing the fifth series, which is currently headed for a Fall 2001 premiere.

Thanks go out to Martin at ScotTrek.com for this!

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