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By Christian
June 25, 2003 - 2:38 PM

Hello World!

Oh wow.

As I write this (but still a few days before I will be able to post this), I just returned from R.E.M.'s concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. This was only the second concert of their European tour, with the first concert having taken place Saturday in a small venue right here in Utrecht. I tried to get tickets for the Utrecht concert as well, but despite getting up at 6am that turned out to be hopeless from the start - most of the tickets had already been sold to fan club members.

It probably was for the best anyway, as in a small crowd like the one in Utrecht it would have been only more painfully obvious how few R.E.M. songs I really know. Sure, I know the lyrics to the songs from the big records like Automatic for the People, but Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills had apparently decided to reward their long-time fans by also playing some of the more obscure songs - Michael Stipe mentioned that one of tonight's songs they hadn't performed live for sixteen years. All that suited me fine, though, as I had just as much fun jumping up and down and waving my hands during songs I didn't know as I had singing along with Man On The Moon. It was good business decision by the band too, as I now won't rest until I've collected all the songs from tonight on CD.

I noticed an interesting phenomenon during Losing My Religion. Of course, several thousand pairs of hands went up in the air when the song started, but many people also started calling friends on their cell phones, to let them share in the band's most famous song. They should have just done that when a ballad started - now that fewer people smoke, the yellowish glow of the phone menu screens might make up for the lack of lighters.

Towards the end of the concert, Michael Stipe told an amusing story of the first time he went to Holland. When he was seven, he lived with his parents in Frankfurt, Germany, and at the time his favourite flower in the whole wide world was the tulip ("Can you see where I'm going with this?", he asked.) So for four months, starting in October 1967, all he did was pester his parents about going to Holland to see the tulips. Finally they relented, and they took him to Amsterdam. Being American, they weren't quite familiar with Dutch weather conditions, they didn't know there wouldn't be a tulip to be seen in January - and to make matters worse, only took little Michael's short corduroy trousers with them. As a result, Michael spent the whole time he was in Amsterdam complaining about the cold, and ended up seeing no tulips at all. Tonight, he promised to call his parents right after the concert was over, and make sure a photo of seven-year old him in his shorts would end up on R.E.M.hq before the week is over.

The concert ended with an extended version of This Is The End Of The World As We Know It, which of course had everyone jumping around and screaming their lungs out again. It's a good thing I'm off until the late afternoon tomorrow.

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