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By Caillan
June 25, 2002 - 4:34 PM

  • William Shatner (James T. Kirk) writes about his appearance on Politically Incorrect in his latest column.

  • According to, Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) will be appearing at the Shore Leave 24 convention in Baltimore, Maryland, which runs from July 12-14. Go here for more information.

  • DS9 & Voyager co-creator and current Dead Zone executive producer Michael Piller will be chatting live at on June 26 at 3:00pm PDT. Questions can be submitted here.

  • Over at Star Trek Hypertext, Jamahl Epsicokhan has posted his review of 'Two Days and Two Nights'. Awarding the episode 3 out of 4 stars, Epsicokhan said it was "fairly amusing and entertaining as lightweight shore-leave episodes go." The full review can be found at this page.

  • Recent updates at Psi Phi include the covers and back cover text for 'The Brave and the Bold, Book One', 'The Brave and the Bold, Book Two', and 'Rising Son'.

  • Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb recently posted his review of the TNG season three DVD set. "If you're only ever going to own one or two of these sets," he wrote, "this should be one of them, and if you'd just rather forget the first two seasons, this is at least where anyone's collection must begin." Read the full analysis here.

  • The fourth season of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, hosted by Jonathan Frakes, begins Thursday, June 27 8:00pm Eastern Time on FOX. Further details can be found at the show's web site. Thanks to Benjamin Winn at the Trekker Newsletter for this!

  • A 'Star Trek: Nemesis' desktop theme, based on materials from the promotional CD-ROM, is available for download at ThemeWorld. Thanks to Doug Wilson for this!

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