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By Christian
June 25, 2000 - 7:58 PM

Communicator 129The official Star Trek fan club has published the new issue of the Star Trek Communicator, its bimonthly Trek magazine. The coverstory is an article by Rich Handley on the upcoming appearance by Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) in the 'X-Men' film, but it also includes a profile on Jonathan Frakes (Wiliam T. Riker) and interviews with Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) and DS9 couple Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir) and Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys). In addition, there are articles on things such as the 'New Earth' novels, the science of Trek, and muhch more, as you can read in the full listing of contents. Via that link you'll also be able to order a subscription, if the COmmunicator isn't available anywhere near you.

'Cult Times' 58And the new July 2000 edition of the British Cult Times magazine, available since the 20th of June, compares Stargate SG-1 with the latest two Trek series, now that all three are currenlty being shown on Sky One. The magazine also features a review of TNG's 'Yesterday's Enterprise', which will be rereleased on video this month. Info on the new issue, as well as a chance to order it, can be found here.

In related news, the Sky One Trekkers vs. Gaters poll is still going on, with Trek finally leading with 53.9% against 46.1% of the votes. A few days ago, Stargate was still leading with a comfortable margin.

Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for the magazine news!

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