Series V Announcement Parody

By Christian
June 25, 2000 - 7:14 PM

Over at, staff writer Dan Cziraky has put up an exciting article - following a spacetime rift somewhere in North Carolina, he managed to obtain a report on the status of the next Star Trek series, as it will debut in an alternate universe very similar to our own, yet different in a number of important ways. In that universe, Paramount Studios just announced the fifth Star Trek series:

After more than a year of speculation and rumors, Paramount Pictures Television has announced the next series in the STAR TREK franchise. Executive producers Richard B'urhman and Brannon Branagh beamed with pride as they introduced the cast of STAR TREK: DEEP-SIX NINE, the fourth series spun-off from Gene Roddenberry`s original STAR TREK (NBC-TV, 1966-69). The new show will follow the exploits of the crew of the U.S.S. Deep Star Six, a vessel designed to navigate the vastness of space but also able to plunge beneath the depths of planetary oceans. The crew are specialists in underwater rescues, and will travel to whatever worlds require their services. On board as co-executive producer will be Sean Cunningham, no stranger to ocean-going fantasy adventures, having produced the special effects epic, JASON VS. THE ARGONAUTS.

The series will be starring such people as Rena Mero, the WWF's Sable, and Patrick Duffy, from 'Dallas'. More info on the series, including a description of the Starfleet regulation swimwear introduced in it, can be found in the full parody.

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