Star Trek XI Visual Effects 'Mind blowing' Says Abrams

By T'Bonz
April 25, 2008 - 4:58 AM

With the DVD release of Cloverfield, J.J. Abrams discussed the possibility of a sequel to the movie.

As reported by, a sequel is a possibility, but not set in stone. "There are a couple of ideas that Drew Goddard, the writer, and Matt Reaves [director] have that are pretty fantastic," explained Abrams. "So we are playing around with ideas. Obviously unless it is something that really excites us and inspires us we won't do it."

Abrams moved from discussion of Cloverfield to Star Trek XI, which is in the editing process. "Well we're cutting now, we're editing the film," he said. "And obviously it's Star Trek so there are a gazillion visual effects. We're very lucky to have ILM doing the visual effects, and they're spectacular. And I'm just starting to see some of them now and it is mind blowing."

Jennifer Morrison, who plays Winona Kirk, concurs with the superlatives when describing her time on Star Trek XI. "This has been an amazing experience," she said. "It is a huge set and I loved every minute of it. Everything was top secret, thus we ended up riding in cloaked vehicles and were dressed in black robes over our costumes so that no one can see our make-up or our costumes. Each morning I received the script with only my scenes of the day, so I have no idea what is the general plot of the movie. I couldn't believe I was a part of this production."

Rachel Nichols, who may be playing an Orion at Starfleet Academy, complimented the powers-that-be on the success of keeping details about Star Trek XI secret. "They've done a very good job in keeping the character I play under wraps," she said. Of her character, Nichols said, "All I can say is that itís a memorable role."

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