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Masterson Explains 'Yesterday Was a Lie'

By Michelle
April 25, 2006 - 10:30 PM

Chase Masterson (Leeta) described her new film, Yesterday Was a Lie, as "sci fact", explaining that it is based on quantum theory about the possibility of being in two places at one time.

In an audio interview at Slice of Sci-Fi, Masterson and writer-director James Kerwin with talk show hosts Michael & Evo, who said, "I guess the best way to describe it is that it's an intelligent character drama that has hints of sci-fi in it as well. We're calling it sci-fi noir." The film is set in the present day but was filmed in black and white with film noir cinematography, and the story, explained Kerwin, is "about what happens in people's hearts in relationships."

Yesterday Was a Lie "has a lot of theories of quantum mechanics - which is not, by the way, something I was well-versed in, and I'm still not," according to Masterson, who plays a singer in the film and is a co-producer as well. The film presents theories about time travel, "where people are in terms of their lives, going back and forth in terms of their past and their present, people actually being able to be in more than one place at a time."

"It's science fiction in a way, but as Chase likes to say, it's science fact's based on real quantum theory," agreed Kerwin, who hopes to wrap Yesterday Was a Lie by early 2007. "It's not a science film, but it uses these a metaphor for the human heart in personal relationships."

"It really is an incredibly emotional film," Masterson added, describing it as a metaphor about people getting stuck in their pasts, "the things that people can truly justify but their hearts cannot justify in the final analysis." She explained that the main character, played by Kipleigh Brown - who played Crewman Taylor in Enterprise's "The Forgotten" - is stuck in her mind and her heart on a relationship that she had ended. The music sung by Masterson in the movie includes some jazz standards and original songs by Kristopher Carter.

Masterson spoke briefly as well about her CD Thrill of the Chase and playing Janice in the animated Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, a character whom she said was made to look a little like her despite being part-alien.

A link to the audio download here is at Slice of Sci-Fi.

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