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By Caillan
April 25, 2004 - 11:27 AM

Hello World!

[Spoilers ahead for Alias season three and Gilmore Girls season four!]

So it's been a busy week in television land. Two first-run episodes of Alias, thanks to Channel 7's sudden unexpected generosity (Nine, are you taking notice?). I shouldn't be too hard on poor Nine, since they've been quite well behaved lately and gone straight into Gilmore Girls' fourth season, even if they did make us suffer through another year of Eddie McGuire hosting the Logies. Not to mention the boredom that is Cirque de Soleil, which is quite possibly the only cure for insomnia that involves leotards and hoops.

Let's start with Gilmore Girls this time: "The Fundamental Things Apply" (aka "Rory Discovers That Talking About People Not Washing Their Hands After They Go To The Toilet May Not Be An Ideal First Date Conversation Topic"). Poor Rory, she was officially on the Worst First Date Ever, and it was actually all her fault. Okay, Trevor did sit on the same side of the table, which caused audible gasps from this Queer Eye-trained viewer. (Seriously, the guy who didn't have a shower before his musical reading? Ewwww.)

One thing that caused me confusion in this episode was that Rory and Lorelai were talking about Trevor being "preppy". TWoP mentioned it too, and they use it on Queer Eye, but I actually had no idea what it meant. (If you saw my exclusively shorts and t-shirts wardrobe, you'd know why). So I Googled for a bit, and now I know exactly what it means. About two months ago, a friend told me that at her new university, most people seemed to be dressed like they were going out clubbing and guys were wearing their polo-shirts with the collars up. Who could seriously do that with a straight face, I wondered. But in the last few weeks, I've seen literally tons of guys pushing up their polo collars -- it's just like when you see a new word for the first time, and then it's everywhere. I still think it looks fairly ridiculous, but then, who am I to argue with fashion? (See above note on wardrobe).

Anyway, enough about the clothes. It was another great hour with the Gilmore Girls, the highlight being Lorelai's "I've been eating those for years!" remark after Rory told her about the urine mints. And speaking of Gilmore Girls, whenever I mention the show to anyone, there's always a slight titter in their voice. Yes, it has the word "girl" in the title (ooh!), but it's not like people go around sniggering when girls watch Bad Boys. (Actually, I snigger when I hear anyone has actually sat through that movie).

On to Alias: "Conscious" and "Remnants". Can't Will stay on the show permanently? His return was such a breath of fresh air. Let's dump Weiss and have Will as an agent, after all, he managed to off Evil Francie. In other good news, Sloane is becoming more deliciously morally ambivalent as the episodes go by -- is he bad, is he good, is he totally evil? This Tuesday we're finally in for the big reveal. "Full Disclosure". Can't wait.

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