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Connor Trinneer Envisions Dream Episode

By Lisa
April 25, 2002 - 7:11 PM

Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) revealed the way his ultimate Enterprise episode would unfold at a convention last weekend.

"I would be fully clothed and they [the rest of the cast] would not be," Trinneer told the audience at the Starfest Convention in Denver. "I would be laying in the corridor somewhere and they would have to run around for any hour in their underwear."

The actor explained why he thinks the crew has been seen in their underwear on screen so often. "You know, to be a little more sexier," he explained. "Honestly, I had no idea that would happen. You know we had the decon chamber scene in the pilot and I thought, 'Whew, that's over!' There is me, there is her, there is a thing of gel and behind the camera there is 30 people. It is not particularly comfortable."

But he did think there might be a future for relationship between T'Pol and Trip. "Maybe in year three, her seven year cycle will come up," he joked. "I don't know. I don't know next episode is next year. But something is going to happen. Who knows what is going to happen."

The actor spoke about the atmosphere on the set. "Not a lot happens on the show as far as practical jokes. I just break everything," he said. "We have these two mock-up phase pistols. In a couple of month you will be able to buy these for about twenty bucks apiece and there better than the ones we have.

"I want to do my own stunts. I can tell when it is not me. Anybody can tell when it is not the person doing the stunts. I want to do this stunt. I fell down and broke my phase pistol. Scott [Bakula] was nice enough to give me his. I did the stunt again and broke the phase pistol. I broke both and they where a lot more than twenty bucks."

More from Connor Trinneer including thoughts on typecasting and favourite TV shows can be found in the full report here at Chrissy's Sci Fi.

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