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'Vox Sola' Promo Released

By Caillan
April 25, 2002 - 1:08 PM

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'Vox Sola' - courtesy, copyright Paramount PicturesUPN last night released the trailer for next week's Enterprise episode, entitled 'Vox Sola.'

In the episode, Archer and Tucker are captured by a strange alien life form, leaving Hoshi to try and communicate with the creature in order to rescue them. 'Vox Sola' was helmed by Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), who directed 'The Andorian Incident' earlier in the season.

A digitised version of the 22-second promo is available to download online, courtesy of For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[A large gelatinous lifeform enters Enterprise through the cargo bay doors.]
[A female crew member (Kelly?) walks through the ship, examining her scanner.]
Kelly: "There's some kind of life form in here."
[Long slimy tendrils extend from the alien creature.]


[The constantly-morphing creature moves through Enterprise.]
[On the bridge, T'Pol turns from Sato to Reed.]
T'Pol: "Bring me the neutraliser, quickly."
[Reed walks down a corridor, carrying equipment.]
[Archer, Tucker, Reed and another crew member (Rostov?) prepare to enter the cargo bay.]
Archer: "Weapons to stun."


[The crew members move stealthily through the cargo bay.]
[Tucker is enveloped by the creature's tendrils.]
[Reed is shocked.]
Reed: "Captain!"
[The tendrils wrap around Archer's legs, pulling him to the ground. His phase pistol flies out of his hand.]
[Tucker struggles as he is wrapped up in a cocoon of white sludge.]
[Archer grunts as he also tries to escape from the creature, to no avail.]
[Tendrils slither out from behind cargo containers.]
Tucker (off-screen): "Get out of here!"
[Panicking, Reeds runs backs out of the cargo bay.]
[The camera pans over Archer hanging in his cocoon.]
Phlox (off-screen): "If we don't extract them soon..."
[In sickbay, Phlox turns to look at his monitor.]
Phlox: "...there won't be six life forms in that cargo bay."
[Archer and Tucker hang listlessly in their cocoons.]

To download the 22-second 3.7 MB MPG trailer, head over to Alternatively, the promo can also be found at

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