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By Christian
April 25, 2000 - 11:01 PM

Over at the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss has put up his review of 'Live Fast and Prosper', the most recent Voyager episode. Sluss awarded the episode a 7.0, but of course still found many points of criticism - here's one::

Having said that, I do think that some aspects of Voyager's trickery here are tough to buy. The biggest problem is the Doctor impersonating Dala impersonating Janeway. First, while the Doctor's appearance has been altered before, like in "Blink of an Eye," this complete makeover opens up a whole new can of worms. It should now be possible for the Doctor to infiltrate any group of Delta Quadrant riff-raff with ease, and we'll all wonder why he didn't when such an opportunity arises. As big a problem in this episode is the fact that "his" portrayal of Dala was a bit too accurate to be believed, particularly when we know that the Doctor is a terrible actor, as seen in "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy," and that he apparently never even saw or spoke to the woman. Oh, and if the Doctor can hide the mobile emitter when playing someone else, why doesn't he do so all the time, so that his program can't be shut down or stolen by any jerk who can see the thing and take it off his sleeve?

More points can be found in the full review.

Also new is a featured article by Julia Houston for's Star Trek Fans. As the article deals with a topic some of you may be uncomfortable with, I'll just quote the introductory warning here:

Warnings: This article, the second and final part of my article last week on Star Trek and homosexuality, is going to examine "slash," a genre of fanfic in which members of the same sex engage in romantic and/or sexual relationships. While I have no intention of being graphic, I also have no wish to condemn this or any other means of artistic expression. If this topic makes you uncomfortable, please select instead from any of my many other articles, including several on other aspects of fanfic.

If you want to read on, please click here.

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