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Official 'Bound' Plot Info, Guest Cast Details

By Christian
March 25, 2005 - 11:58 AM

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UPN yesterday released official information on the story, creative staff and guest actors for "Bound," the 17th episode of Enterprise's fourth season.

Scheduled to air on Friday the 15th of April, the episode will deal with the following:

After Archer forges a deal with the Orions, the trader presents the captain with a gift -- three alluring Orion women, who proceed to seduce all the men on board, except Trip for some mysterious reason. Meanwhile, Trip's continued presence on Enterprise begins to grate on new chief engineer Kelby.

The episode was directed by Trek veteran Allan Kroeker, who this season also helmed "Storm Front, Part One." The episode's story and teleplay were written by Manny Coto, since this season the primary Enterprise showrunner.

Below is a list of the guest actors appearing in this episode:

  • Cyia Batten as Navaar
  • Crystal Allen as D'Nesh
  • Menina Fortunato as Maras
  • William Lucking as Harrad-Sar
  • Derek Magyar as Kelby
  • Christopher Jewett as Crewman #1
  • Duncan Fraser as Crewman #2

Besides Magyar, who is reprising his previously-established role of Kelby, two of the above actors have appeared on Star Trek before. Batten was one of the three actresses who portrayed Tora Ziyal on Deep Space Nine, while she also appeared as Irina in the seventh-season Voyager episode "Drive." Lucking made three appearances on DS9 as Furel, a former member of the Shakaar Resistance Cell.

The original "Bound" press release can be found here at the Futon Critic.

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