Paula Block On Publishing the Voyager Finale

By Amy
March 25, 2001 - 5:26 PM

Continuing this week with their new Voyager finale section, the official site has posted an interview with Paula Block, the Executive Director of Publishing for Viacom Consumer Products. Ms. Block, a professional writer and editor herself, has worked on the Star Trek publishing program for over ten years, according to the official site.

Probably the biggest question in the Voyager publishing world at the moment is wether or not there will be a novelisation of the finale. As with others that have been spoken too so far, she says itíll depend on when a copy of the script makes it to the publishers Ė which may not be soon. "Basically," Block explains, "it has to do with getting the script to the publisher in enough time for the publisher to have a writer turn out a manuscript, and for a member of my publishing team to review the manuscript for accuracy, and to notify the publisher if there are updated script pages that have substantially altered scenes in the manuscript."

"We like readers to get a product that's as close to the aired episode as possible ó but sometimes a publisher's deadline will preclude getting the last few changes into the book," she continues, adding that "Because everyone at Paramount likes to keep these episodes a surprise, we always ask the publisher of a novelization to hold the release of the book until the week the episode airs."

In the full interview, Block also talks about how she felt at the end of the previous three series, a brief look at the possibility of there being a Voyager technical manual, in addition to a Voyager companion book/episode guide being written by Paul Ruditis and how book seriesí continue once the shows are over.

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