'Star Trek: Armada' News

By Christian
March 25, 2000 - 10:05 PM

Now that 'Star Trek: Armada', the new real-time strategy game from Activision, has actually been released, the first reviews are also beginning to pop up. Here are three items regarding the game that appeared today:

  • Chris Kramer at the Daily Radar has put up the net's first review of the game, calling it a 'hit'. Here's how he starts his review:

    Way back in our preview of this game, we noted that the greatest aspect of Star Trek is almost never delivered in any of the games. Ship-to-ship combat, while lamentably brief in the various TV series and movies, has always been one of the most entertaining parts of the Star Trek universe. Starfleet Academy was a bust and the small moments of space combat in Spectrum Holobyte's Star Trek: The Next Generation game weren't much better, while Starfleet Command is a great game, but a bit too complex for the average dope (like this reviewer). What Trekkers really need is a fast, fun starship battle game that looks as good as the special effects on the show. Man, did Activision ever deliver in spades.

    The full review can be read by following this link. Thanks go out to Evil Avatar for this!

  • The developers have released a solution for a problem some people experienced with Matrox G2000 video cards.

  • Over at the Decipher web site, Evan Lorentz has put up a new article about the development of the Customisable Card Game card which is bundled with every copy of 'Armada' - the U.S.S. Jupiter.

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