TNN To Air TNG 'Uncut'

By Caillan
February 25, 2003 - 6:54 AM

TNN plans to give Trek fans a special treat next month by showing "uncut" episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The cable network will air two themed episodes every Friday night in March from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time. These episodes will be shown in full-screen minus the network's usual black bar and with "limited commercial interruptions." This means the network will not have edited the episodes to gain extra advertising time, which often happened during Star Trek: Voyager's run on UPN.

"Presenting Next Gen episodes uncut is a television first," said Kevin Kay, TNN executive vice-president, programming and production. "We've been listening to our Trek viewers and are giving them this special opportunity to view their favorite episodes."

The themed specials kick off on March 7 with a Cardassian double-bill of 'The Chase' and 'Preemptive Strike,' followed by the Romulans in 'Tin Man' and 'Face of the Enemy' a week later on March 14. Everyone's favourite android, Data, is the subject of March 21's 'The Offspring' and 'Thine Own Self,' and the run rounds off with two holodeck outings, 'A Fistful of Datas' and 'Ship in a Bottle,' on March 28.

In addition to these uncut episodes, TNN will be airing all seven seasons of The Next Generation at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time from Monday to Friday. This new run of episodes will commence on Monday, March 3, and will be shown in the cable network's usual format with the black bar at the bottom of the screen.

TNN's full TNG schedule can be found at the network's official web site.

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