Masterson Finds 'Yesterday Was a Lie'

By Michelle
January 25, 2006 - 9:56 PM

Chase Masterson (Leeta) will star as a singer in a new film noir with science fiction elements, Yesterday Was a Lie. reported on Masterson's casting, noting that another star of the film, Kipleigh Brown, played deceased crewmember Jane Taylor in Enterprise's "The Forgotten." In Yesterday Was a Lie, Brown plays Hoyle, who is investigating an archaeologist who leads her to "earth-shattering cosmological secrets, smuggled out of 1930s Germany by a Nazi defector."

The lounge singer played by Masterson helps Hoyle unravel the plot, though Hoyle's romantic relationship with the archaeologist causes unforeseen complications. "Yesterday Was a Lie combines the thrills of a classic detective film with the creativity of science fantasy," explains the film's official web site.

In addition to Masterson and Brown, the movie stars John Newton and Mik Scriba. The teaser trailer is on the web site and principal photography begins soon.

Brown praised Masterson on the Helicon blog, saying, "The moment Chase walked through the door and read for us, something almost palpable clicked...she has the passion, the heart and the soul so crucial to this project."

More information is here.

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