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Spiner Reflects on 'Nemesis' Legacy

By Michelle
January 25, 2005 - 10:44 PM

Star Trek Magazine 119"I think that Nemesis was a way better movie than it was given credit for," co-writer and co-star Brent Spiner (Data) said recently, blaming critical negativity and stating his belief that the film will be remembered far more fondly than it was received at the box office.

Speaking to Star Trek Magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse), Spiner expressed frustration with critics who went into the film expecting to be bored with it. "My response would be, 'Don't go if you already know you're sick of it and then negatively review it.' That's not really fair. That's not a review: 'I'm sick of it.'" He expected that the film would compare favorably to other Star Trek movies when fans looked back.

Spiner also talked a bit about the plans he, Patrick Stewart (Picard) and executive producer Rick Berman had discussed for a possible eleventh Star Trek feature film. "It had something to do with using everyone and doing a kind of amalgamation," the actor said, "like doing the Justice League of Star Trek movies." They wanted to bring in all of the major Star Trek characters and villains for "a huge, massive encounter."

"You have to remember that we wrote Nemesis thinking it was our last movie," added Spiner, saying that speculation that he might appear again as the android B-4 never reflected their plans: ""I don't think that was going to happen again in another Star Trek movie."

The full interview with Spiner, in which he discusses some of his projects since Star Trek - for instance, he is in the Academy Award-nominated Aviator - see issue #119 of Star Trek Magazine, now on sale in the United Kingdom. These excerpts are courtesy Sci Fi Pulse.

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