Park Hopes For T'Pol/Hoshi Friendship

By Caillan
January 25, 2002 - 8:11 AM

'Star Trek: The Magazine' February 2002 issue - copyright Paramount Pictures

The young, eager Hoshi Sato and the restrained Vulcan T'Pol may be worlds apart, but actress Linda Park thinks the two characters could become great friends.

"I hope that T'Pol and Hoshi will build a friendship, a closeness," the actress told Star Trek: The Magazine (via

"Being the only two women I think that's very important, and being such polar opposites that'll be a really interesting journey to watch - how these women resolve their initial dislike and what makes them finally come together and support each other."

Hoshi has been spending time getting to know the rest of the NX-01 crew, but will any of these relationships blossom into something more? "I definitely think there'll be romance for her," Park said. "I don't quite know who with - maybe with aliens, a new guy every week. She speaks their language!"

When she was younger, Park used to dream about appearing on Star Trek: The Next Generation. "I would wonder what it was like to be on the show, and would fantasize about that," she said. "I did a lot of fantasizing as a child by myself - nothing else would do! It's so funny to look at myself then and look at what's happening now."

The actress was particularly fond of Counsellor Deanna Troi. "I saw Marina [Sirtis] at a party at Rick Berman's, and everything went out of the window and I said, 'Oh, I love you!' I loved her long hair and her quiet ways of speaking and her psychic ability. I just thought she was so mysterious and feminine and beautiful, and to meet her in real life took me back to being 13 again."

To read the full interview with Park, in which she also talked about her theatre work and getting into the spacesuits, pick up the February issue of Star Trek: The Magazine, which is available for online ordering. Alternatively, a transcript is available here at

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