News Bullets

By Christian
January 25, 2001 - 9:11 PM

  • The official site has posted a report looking at Voyager actor's websites and this year's upcoming RanDoM Flight/CARPE champagne-brunch charity cruise.

  • Also up at the official site are parts one and two of the Q&A session with James Darren (Vic Fontaine).

  • There's a brief report online over at Mothership, including a couple of photos, on the recent Television Critics Association Awards, which was attended by Voyager's Tim Russ (Tuvok).

  • The Deep Space Nine: Horizons campaign sends word that they'ver reached two new milestones: first, the 4,000th signature on their petition to bring back Deep Space Nine, as well as the 7,000th hit to their web site .

  • Psi Phi's books database has undergone a couple of updates in the last day or so. Firstly, the cover artwork, presented without text, for 'Interphase, Book Two' is now online, while secondly, news about the first Wildstorm Star Trek Comics collected edition, 'Other Realities' has been uploaded.

  • Speaking earlier of the RanDoM Flight Champagne Benefit Cruise, RanDoM Flight has announced at its website that the tickets for the event have officialy sold out.

  • Also, the website has announced that Robert Duncan McNeill's (Tom Paris) latest independent film, '9mm of Love', is now on the film festival circuit after completing its premiere run at the Sun Valley Film Festival late last October.

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