'Dracula 2000' Features

By Christian
December 24, 2000 - 7:18 PM

'Dracula 2000', the new horror film produced by Wes Craven, was released in the United States and the United Kingdom on Friday. The movie is interesting especially for fans of 'Voyager', as it features the first appearance in a movie by Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) since she joined the latest Star Trek show.

Unfortunately, according to the first reviews published, seeing Ryan might indeed be the only reason why people would want to see the movie. Carl Cortez at the Mothership awards the film only a D+, saying that "although it doesn't suck as much you might think, it still wreaks of direct-to-video fare masquerading as a major theatrical release." However, he does seem to like Ryan's part in the film, noting that she was given "a thankless and all too abbreviated role as a newscaster who ends up a bloodsucker." Read more in the full review.

The film doesn't fare much better at TV Guide, where the film is reviewed by Maitland McDonagh. "Lots of classic vampire lore is minced and forced into a shiny new casing in this glossy shocker, but in the end it's the same old blood pudding," says McDonagh, who presents the film with just 2 out of 5 stars. He, too, admitted that Dracula's brides (including of course Ryan) are "a sight". Read more from this review here.

Finally, if you just want to see more of Ryan and think you probably won't care much for 'Dracula 2000', the official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage has posted 11 new photos from the world premiere of the film, which was attended by Ryan.

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